Haridas Stewart is a British Cinematographer. With a background in photography he brought years of experience to moving image. In 2011 he got picked up by Norwegian Director Andre Rettedal to shoot his first feature film “Four Hours”. Since then he has shot five more features, “Krish and Lee”, “Dark Signal” (Second Unit), “Sean Garnier vs The World”, “The Conversations” (Additional Photography) and “Samuel Street”. He has also shot 15 short films , 13 music videos, 6 commercials and 2 documentaries.

His appreciation of colour and photographic composition has made him a go-to cinematographer for UK directors. “His patience and ability to work with everyone allows the film making process to be truly collaborative”, Benjamin Ferguson, 1st AD on “Four Hours”.


Red / Arri / Canon shooting kits with Prime / Zoom Lenses



4.5k RAW
120 FPS

Arri 2C

35mm Film
4 Perf
100 FPS

Canon 5D Mark 2

Full Frame


Angeneuix 25-250mm t3.2
Cooke 32mm t2 
Nikon 28mm t2
Nikon 35mm t2.8
Nikon 50mm t1.4
Nikon 50mm t1.8 (lightweight)
Nikon 200mm t4
Vivitar 70-150mm t3.8
Arstat 50mm t1.4
Soligor 135mm t2.8
Helios 58mm t2
Helios 58mm t2 (petzval hack)
Asahi 135mm t3.5mm
Camart Rotator Lens

Angeneuix 25-250mm


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