Haridas Stewart is a UK based Cinematographer. As an owner/operator of Red/Arri 35mm cameras he has over 10 years experience in feature/short drama, documentaries, music promo and commercial cinematography. He has a comprehensive knowledge of creative framing with a unique flare for rich colours and bold, yet naturalistic lighting. 

As well as being a DOP, Haridas has also colour graded several feature films. This knowledge of post has given him an edge over the traditional DOP role which has enabled him to carry a directors vision to the final stage of production.

His passion for filmmaking has driven him to get onboard previous projects as early as the scriptwriting stage and see it through production and post. Haridas creates an inspirational and enthusiastic environment on set which has directors returning to work with him on multiple projects. 

He recently worked on ‘White Chamber’ which premiered at this year's Brussels Film Festival, screened at Edinburgh, FrightFest, Sitges and Bucheon. Haridas has worked on projects with directors Tony Kaye, Neil Marshall, Paul Hills, Nick Abrahams and Douglas Ray. Previous commercial clients include Christie's, Burberry, Nowness, Soho Editors and Red Bull for their feature film documentary ‘Sean Garnier vs the World’.






RED Raven Camera (Dragon 4.5k) 
Arri 2C Camera (35mm Film) 
Canon 5DMII Camera
DJI Ronin Gimbal
Manfrotto 504HD Tripod
3 x 800w Tungston Lights 
Nikon/Sigma Prime Lenses
Angenieux Zoom Lens


Experienced Resolve colourist operating remotely on 5k 10bit calibrated monitor. Feature film credits include ‘White Chamber’, ‘Mechanism of Suspended Time’ and ‘Degenerates’.